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Pop x Pride - a new Pride in London Playlist

Updated: Jul 27, 2019

So I’m still on a high from playing PRIDE IN LONDON to 10,000 people in Trafalgar Square on July 6th this year! Some quick context for anyone wondering how on earth I managed that – I entered a competition called Pride’s Got Talent in March, with not much concept of what to expect going in. I wound up in the live finals at Shaftesbury’s Apollo Theatre, where the band and I were thrilled to be awarded the Runner Up spot to Henry Newbury’s well-deserved win – and then somehow on the stage at Trafalgar Square, the DIVA Women’s Stage in Leicester Square, and the World Stage in Golden Square, playing the most awesome gigs of my entire life.

Now that’s cooled off a bit, I’m looking ahead to releasing new music, and starting my first ever Spotify Artist Playlist. Now maybe I’m being obtuse, but I couldn’t find any Pride in London 2019 playlists on Spotify that featured artists from the frankly incredible lineup – so I decided to make my own! Including hit songs from some of the most famous faces from Pride, as well as all of my incredible fellow Pride finalists, you can (and 100% should) find and follow it on Spotify here:

While you're there, please follow my artist page! you can find me at:

About this playlist

Opening with the killer official Pride 2019 anthem by Saara Alto, the music then mellows back to some beautiful acoustic-style pop before rising up again with strongly produced modern pop and dance. I’ve curated this playlist with songs I’m completely in love with, that reflect the sound and journey my own music is embarking on now. Shoutout to my fellow PGT finalists who’ve created the incredible tracks below…

Tom Heath – 24. I was just so, so happy to hear these uplifting lyrics, set to an equally uplifting tune. The sentiment in the song applies to anyone who gets worried about where they are in life versus where they thought they’d be (cough cough all of us), and just puts you in such a good mood.

Amber Dee – Caged. I picked the acoustic version because her voice shines so effortlessly in it. I loved its atmospheric feel and dark, gorgeous harmonic progressions.

Kings – Colour. Again, a super atmospheric track with stunning layers, cowritten with songwriter/producer Half Rhymes. This had 100k streams in the first day of release and you can definitely hear why.

Janethan – Universe. Janethan’s voice is virtuosic on this feature as with his own music, and fits so well on this club-worthy production.

Promises Promises – Fired Up. Seeing these guys live, it’s almost impossible to prevent yourself from standing up and dancing; the only thing that stopped me is the fact that I was in the upper circle of the Apollo Theatre which is HELLA steep and might have fallen to my death if I did. Incredibly energetic frontman and upbeat music.

Emmett – Bodies. This has *just* released and I’m so glad it did! Again saw him do this live at the Apollo with FOUR BACKING DANCERS, and it was completely electric.

Ina Shai – Feel The Love. A smash hit of a pop song that never fails to mentally take me to a fabulous beach party at dusk.

Special mentions must go to the finalists not included here because they aren’t on Spotify! (*cries*). Winner Henry Newbury has a very popular YouTube channel showcasing his deep, jazz-era voice and Tony Bennett-style melodies, Natalie Lomax whose voice is absolutely unbelievable, and DIVA–stage performer Camilla Lewington. Look them up!

I also included my songs Tethered and I Need Real Love (hey, it is my playlist after all.) Tethered is an indie-folk number about letting go of the things that keep you from following your dreams. I Need Real Love is about not wanting to be told by the world around you what love should look like, and trying to figure out what real love is on your own – a message I felt was very at home at Pride.

Please follow, stream and share the playlist with all your friends who went to Pride. If you’ve got any suggestions for artists who played this year I should include, please leave a comment!

Thanks for reading – Saachi :)

EDIT: Henry has just collaborate on something released something on Spotify!! Now in the playlist :D

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