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Hopeful, Happy! - A joyful pop playlist for your self-isolating Spring

Spring is here!

The sun is out, the birds are singing, and here we are - at home. (For a worthwhile cause of course, but unsurprisingly, it still sucks.) As a musician, I've seen career-defining bookings like Cheltenham Jazz Festival and Wilton's Music Hall vanish from my calendar. I count myself supremely lucky to have a day job and live in a flat with a balcony.

However! Although live music has taken a devastating blow, music as a pastime has really come into its own, as everyone starts to realise how much power it has to influence your mood and ease your mind. It's that thought that makes me proud to be releasing my next single on April 17th - a carefree, warm, entirely joyful pop song called Flaunt.

I'm really glad to think that it could bring listeners happiness, in whatever small a way. Prepping for release has also got me thinking - how much truly happy music do I really know? Spotify's 'Bright Side' and 'Get Home Happy' playlists contain songs that sound mood-lifting on the surface, but occasionally thematically are not. I decided to make my own playlist, full of songs that always bring me joy. You can check it out on Spotify via the image / link below - please give it a follow, good mood guaranteed!

I'll be adding Flaunt once it's out on April 17th, but in the mean time, it would mean a lot if you could pre-save it here:

I'll also be livestreaming a launch gig at 9pm BST, Wednesday April 15th, keep up to date with the details here:

My playlist starts on the more folk-pop side, blending into modern, then modern pop starts to hit those 80s nostalgia production elements before really diving into throwback tracks! As with my other playlists so far, this one is a mix of famous artists and emerging ones, many of whom I've met and worked with on the London scene. I've put a review of my less-known picks below. Give these guys a follow, you won't regret it.

1. Like I'm Lonely - The People Versus

I met a previous iteration of this group when my band were doing a headline show at the Borderline in November 2018. Together with the other acts, we sold out the entire venue!

The People Versus are based out of Oxford, and this song is is a folky, uplifting tune with the most GORGEOUS harmonies. The sound reminds me a bit of another artist I love called Tall Heights. 100% worth repeated listens.

2. Hey - Terrianne

Terrianne has the most awesome powerhouse vocals, and live, it feels like she's already on a stadium stage. We met at an International Women's Day gig she recommended me for at The Fiddlers Elbow and it was such an awesome night. 'Hey' has a feel-good, I'm-so-done-with-you message that feels empowering and optimistic all at the same time. Her new single 'Damn Boy' is on the verge of release as well!

3. Don't Quit your Daydream - DORYAN

A pure pop banger about never giving up on your dreams. The kind of message I love! This artist is a previous winner of Pride's Got Talent, and performs awesome upbeat danceable tunes. While you're checking him out, don't forget to also go find my other fellow PGT artists, all available via my other playlist Pop x Pride. (I'd have included them in this one, but most of their tunes are occasionally on the sadder side!)

4. Pretty Things - AMÉ / Promises Promises

I've never met AMÉ, but Promises Promises were another band in 2019's Pride's Got Talent finals who I had the pleasure to perform alongside at The Apollo / Trafalgar Square. I said it before and I'll say it again - I LOVE their stuff. It's straight up clubworthy. Pretty Things is a collab but has all their hallmark production elements, and has that I'm-so-in-love vibe I was after for a playlist like this. The lead artist's vocals are stunning too.

5. Partner In Crime - Levy

I've run into Levy at a few gigs now, including the aforementioned Fiddler's Elbow night that happened very shortly before this shutdown. She has a really cool jazzy style, and this track also has stellar BVs. (And the singers are just as perfect live as they are on the recording!) Definitely try and catch one of her gigs once we're all back to normal!

That's it for my emerging picks, however my playlist also features some incredible feel-good pop from the likes of Lauv, Taylor Swift, BØRNS, Sigrid and more. So you can soothe your ears with the familiar and intrigue them with the new as well!

If you've got any suggestions please feel free to add them in the comments or message me via any of my socials. Share the playlist with anyone who could do with a pick-me-up - it'll make you / them happy and also make me very happy indeed!

Much love and stay safe :)

Saachi xx

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