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Done With That - a confident pop playlist to mark my new single about facing the ends of things

Ah, how to capture the spirit of an entire year?

Probably not with pop music about not caring about the ends of things, since sadly the virus that has terrorised us all is like a YA fiction villain that simply refuses to die.

What it does illustrate though is that though the concept of things ending is usually seen as sad – whether romantically or with a phase of your life, like school or uni – sometimes this can in fact be a good thing. And even if it’s not really that great, there are several artists around the globe that will tell you how to accept it, deal with it, or let it go.

The song I’m about to release (August 21st!) is kind of in the first category. It’s a very matter of fact and mildly disgruntled take on the end of a relationship, combined with a catchy hook and cool instrumental novelties courtesy of producer Sam Ellwood. Get ready to dance! In step with the summery vibe, I’ve compiled a playlist of similarly themed pop that will get you through any breakup, or at the very least get you excited to say goodbye to Covid forever. I’ve got my fingers crossed, it’ll happen.

As is my habit, I’ve included some of my favourite songs from artists you know and love like Taylor Swift, Hey Violet and Dua Lipa, as well as newer names I've come across in emerging artist circles. Please give this playlist a follow on Spotify to show them (and me) some love. Click through via the picture or link just below it :) Check out my review of those emerging tracks below!

1. Hopscotch - Seeva

Everything this artist does is gorgeous and laden with clever metaphor. You’ll love the playful production that hearkens back to the central theme of the track and its amazing lyrics: can’t keep playing hopscotch through your heart. Love!

2. Too Good – Asha Gold

Dreamy, sexy, and definitely just too good. This one’s about being aware of just how much you have going for you personally, so no need to settle for someone not willing to keep up. I’m a huge fan of her new single, Passenger, too.

3. Copenhagen – Tom Heath

Stepping out of the relationship-ending trope for a sec, Tom’s new single is instead about the ending of dull, everyday routine, and just getting away from it all. This is such a summer tune; imagine it playing as you hike blissfully through the forest, or as described in the song, sit staring across the water. His solid, bass-packed tones are perfect to complete the image.

4. ITYK – Keaton Dekker

I was a huge fan of the twinkly synths and pretty melodies in this song; the chorus just gets caught in your head, as do the analogue style visuals if you’ve seen them! I met Keaton at a gig a few years ago and he’s just as good live. Totally absorbed in his craft, yet pulling the audience in with him.

Thank you for reading and please remember to give the playlist a follow on Spotify, as well as my own artist profile and any of the ones you liked from above! My new single is out on August 21st and presave coming this weekend :)

Saachi xx

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